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3 easy steps to automatically posting your Freeads to Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin

October 17, 2012 By: gtebbutt Category: Buying & Selling, Freeads Advice, Selling Guides, Using

Everyone likes selling their items quicker or getting more responses right? Well this is a technique that will help you to promote to your twitter, facebook and linkedin followers automatically EVERY TIME YOU POST ON FREEADS.CO.UK!

1. Find your “Mypage

First of all you need to find your “mypage”. This is the page containing all of your ads. You can share this with your friends, put it on business cards – whatever. You can find it by going to one of your ads and clicking on your display name (username).

The URL of your Mypage will look like this:

What we are interested in here is the RSS (really simple syndication) feed that comes with every my page which is essentially the same URL as your mypage but with “.rss” added to the end. There is also a link entitled “RSS feed”.

The URL of your RSS feed will look like this:

2. Create a Twitterfeed account

Go to and sign up for an account.

Done? Great! Now click on “dashboard” and then “create new feed”. Set the Feed name to be “” and the RSS Feed URL to be the URL of your mypage’s RSS feed (as mentioned in step 1).

Then click on “advanced settings”. Set “Post prefix” to be “@ukfreeads” and then click “Continue to step 2″.

3. Connect to Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin

To connect your RSS feed, under “Available Services” click Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin and enter the details of your Facebook,  Twitter or Linkedin account.

4. There is no 4 – you’re finished!

Just wait for your ads to appear on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin!

Receiving Freeads Emails – Find your Spam Folder

September 10, 2012 By: Tom (Freeads Blogger) Category: Using

On occasion, some email providers may incorrectly identify emails from us as spam and place them in your spam folder. If this happens it may mean that you do not receive email responses to your ads from other users, or email notifications from us about your adverts. If emails from us our going to your spam folder you will need to find your spam folder, open the email from us and mark it as safe. To ensure you receive all future emails please add us to your contacts. Below is a guide to finding your spam folder in different email providers (all information and links are correct at the time of writing – please let us know if anything is no longer correct):

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Receiving Freeads Emails – Adding Us to Your Contacts

September 10, 2012 By: Tom (Freeads Blogger) Category: Using

In order to make the most of your Freeads account it’s very important that you are able to receive emails from us. Some email providers may, on occasion, incorrectly identify emails from us as spam. This means that you may not receive email responses from other users and notifications from us about your adverts. To make sure you receive all emails please add and to your contacts. A detailed guide for a number of email clients is below:

Read the rest of this entry → has gone Mobile – Find all your favourite ads on the move!

June 29, 2012 By: Tom (Freeads Blogger) Category: News

In the first of 2012′s mobile developments for Freeads, we are proud to announce the launch of our brand new mobile website.

Our testing panel of users (just like you) absolutely loved it, so we hope you will find it a better way of finding great Freeads bargains on the move!

What will I find?

  • The same great ads as on your computer
  • A better browsing experience
  • Great items in YOUR local area


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Freeads – A New Years Resolution You Can Keep

January 17, 2012 By: Tom (Freeads Blogger) Category: News

Go Second Hand and SAVE MONEY!

Get a New Years resolution you can keep…

With memories of the festive period fading fast, we are all left with the same subdued bank balance after a period of excess. But don’t let that worry you, here at Freeads we have the answer!

Simply switch to second hand for the month of January and see how much you can save!

What will I find?
- Up to 10,000 second hand gems for under £25!
- Free stuff from other Freeads Freecyclers
- Grab a bargain in YOUR local area before it goes to someone else!

Why is it so great?
- Save money and ease your bank balance back to health
- Do your bit for the environment by choosing second hand!

So to get a resolution you can keep, join us at and choose second hand!

Welcome to Faster Advertising – Let us Know what you Think

December 07, 2011 By: Tom (Freeads Blogger) Category: Using

After much blood, sweat and tears and following extensive user feedback we are please to announce some big improvements to posting ads on

Our goal throughout the redesign has been to make it faster & easier for you to post ads on We have therefore shortened the Post Ad process to 3 clear and simple steps meaning that you can place an advert in just 60 seconds!

We hope you like the new post ad process and will find it faster and easier to use. We have tested the process as thoroughly as possible, however, as with all major site releases it is possible that there will be a few bugs which we have missed. If you have had any problems posting an advert or have any further suggestions or comments to help us make further improvements please let us know via our contact form or by leaving a comment on this blog.

Many Thanks and don’t forget to post an ad,

The Freeads Team

Join the Freeads Club

October 14, 2011 By: Tom (Freeads Blogger) Category: Free Stuff, News

Join the Freeads Club…Interact with over 1 million user online!

From free stuff fanatics to bargain hunters to family pet searches to volunteers looking to help out in their local community, has a home for every type of community, so read on to find one that will be perfect for you!

6 ways to join a Freeads Community:

1. Join the “FREE STUFF” community on Freeads:Browse 1000s of unwanted treasures being given away for free and connect with 1000s of users wanting your old junk! Find a Freebie Online or place a Free Stuff Ad!

2. Join the “COMMUNITY” section on Freeads: Find events, charity fundraisers, organisations, meet with musicians in your local area and much more…- Browse “Community” or place a “Community” ad.

3. Join the “BUY & SELL” community on Freeads:Find over 100,000 items for sale including used cars, pets, mobile phones, computer games, collectables and more…- Browse “Buy & Sell” or place a FREE “Buy & Sell” Ad:

4. Become a Fan of “FREEADS ON FACEBOOK”Join the Freeads community on and share your freead with your friends, meret 1000s of like minded people!- Follow Freeads on

5. Join in and Tweet on “UKFREEADS on TWITTER”Tweet your ad on Twitter (use hash tag #ukfreeads) and share your wares with our loyal Twitter community as well as all of your Twitter friends!- Follow “ukfreeads” on

6. Read The Freeads BlogGet great advice, seller and buyer safety tips and learn how to sell better online to make more money!- Read the Freeads Blog:

The Freeads Team


10 Questions to Ask before Buying a Puppy

October 12, 2011 By: Tom (Freeads Blogger) Category: Pets, Safety Advice

So, you’ve decided to give a puppy a new home and are thinking about getting a puppy from a member. But, how can you ensure that you don’t buy from an irresponsible breeder or puppy farmer and end up having to deal with the emotional and financial turmoil that they can cause?

To help you avoid puppy farmers the RSPCA recommend calling the breeder before visiting with a prepared list of questions to help you assess the quality of a breeder. We’ve drawn up a selection of questions that you should try to ask as soon as possible:

  • Can you see the puppy’s parents? It may not be possible to meet the father but you should at least see the puppy’s mother.
  • Will the breeder take the puppy back if you are no longer able to take care of it.
  • How many dogs does the breeder own and how often are they bred?
  • Is the breeder KC registered? If they are ask to see their certificate when you visit.
  • Have the puppies been socialized with other dogs and animals? Read the rest of this entry →

Safer Selling with Paypal

October 05, 2011 By: Tom (Freeads Blogger) Category: Safety Advice

Unfortunately, we have recently become aware of scams targetting Freeads users selling items using Paypal. As part of our ongoing efforts to protect our users we have put together this short guide to selling with Paypal on

Firstly, the best way to avoid fraud on classified sites is to meet and exchange goods for money face to face. However, we know that this is not always possible and Paypal can be a safe & secure alternative payment method. There are, however, ways that fraudsters can try and exploit Paypal to part you from your cash or your property.

The most recent scam that we have seen involves the fraudster targetting sellers of high value goods and asking them to send them abroad. They then send emails pretending to be from Paypal informing the user that they have been paid and asking them to ship the item. Once it is shipped, the item is lost. With this scam in mind we have put together our top 5 tips for safer selling using Paypal:

  1. Do not send an item unless the money is in your account. Money received via Paypal should appear almost instantly in your account – emails claiming that the payment has been made when you cannot see it in your account are probably fake.
  2. Watch out for fake emails. Remember, emails from Paypal will always greet you with both your first and last name. If you are ever unsure about an email you believe is from Paypal – contact Paypal customer services
  3. Be very wary of requests to send an item abroad – particularly if the sellers Paypal account is located in the UK.
  4. Send items to the buyers “Seller Protection Address”. You can find this by clicking on the “Details” tab in your account history.
  5. Insure your goods – that way if they go missing you are covered.

For more information and tips on using Paypal safely and spotting the fraudsters check out Paypals safety tools.

Happy Selling,

The Freeads Team


3 Great Reasons why you should Place a Free Ad Today!

September 29, 2011 By: Tom (Freeads Blogger) Category: Business, Free Stuff, News

3 GREAT reasons why YOU should place a FREE ad TODAY!

Whoever you are and whatever you post on, we think that every type of user can find a great reason to post a Free Ad. Whether you are a family  offering kittens for adoption, a car dealership or one of our tribe of free stuff advocates, there is a great reason for everyone to get on board!

So, place an ad today or read on to find out why posting is great for EVERY type of advertiser!

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