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Safer Selling with Paypal

October 05, 2011 By: Tom (Freeads Blogger) Category: Safety Advice

Unfortunately, we have recently become aware of scams targetting Freeads users selling items using Paypal. As part of our ongoing efforts to protect our users we have put together this short guide to selling with Paypal on

Firstly, the best way to avoid fraud on classified sites is to meet and exchange goods for money face to face. However, we know that this is not always possible and Paypal can be a safe & secure alternative payment method. There are, however, ways that fraudsters can try and exploit Paypal to part you from your cash or your property.

The most recent scam that we have seen involves the fraudster targetting sellers of high value goods and asking them to send them abroad. They then send emails pretending to be from Paypal informing the user that they have been paid and asking them to ship the item. Once it is shipped, the item is lost. With this scam in mind we have put together our top 5 tips for safer selling using Paypal:

  1. Do not send an item unless the money is in your account. Money received via Paypal should appear almost instantly in your account – emails claiming that the payment has been made when you cannot see it in your account are probably fake.
  2. Watch out for fake emails. Remember, emails from Paypal will always greet you with both your first and last name. If you are ever unsure about an email you believe is from Paypal – contact Paypal customer services
  3. Be very wary of requests to send an item abroad – particularly if the sellers Paypal account is located in the UK.
  4. Send items to the buyers “Seller Protection Address”. You can find this by clicking on the “Details” tab in your account history.
  5. Insure your goods – that way if they go missing you are covered.

For more information and tips on using Paypal safely and spotting the fraudsters check out Paypals safety tools.

Happy Selling,

The Freeads Team


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