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Buying a Motorcycle or Scooter on Freeads: Our Advice

August 15, 2011 By: Tom (Freeads Blogger) Category: Motors

In line with the car and van buying advice we did last year, we’re now going to share our motorcycle and scooter buying advice.

What to do Before Buying

There are as many different kinds of motorcycles or scooters to choose from as there are people buying them. When you make the decision to buy a new motorcycle or scooter you should consider the following factors:

• Finances
• Physical Locations Driven In
• Environmental Impact

You will also want to take into account what features and accessories a motorcycle or sooter has to offer, for example:

  • Number and Type of Seats
  • Storage Space
  • Performance

The most important factor to take in when considering a motorcycle or scooter is how safe it is. You’ll want to find out if the vehicle has been in any accidents, and find out what the overall safety rating is.

Checking out the Motorcycle or Scooter

• Take a walk around the motorcycle to assess its general state, look for any obvious problems.
• Let the seller show you the bike, but don’t let them distract you, some dishonest sellers may try to do this in order to stop you from spotting problems.
• Crouch down in front of each front wheel and look along the length of the bike. Both front wheels should be directly in front of the rear.
• Look closely at each tyre for uneven wear (don’t forget the spare). Tyres are expensive, so if they need replacing, use this as a bargaining tool.
• Check under the bike for signs of damage.
• Look at the dashboard binnacle make sure the mileage tallies with MOT certificates and service history.
• Make sure all the switches work.
• Locate the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).
• Check for the oil level and for signs of oil leaks.

Interacting with Sellers

  • Before you view the bike, make sure you’re fully insured, and take proof with you.
  • Start the bike when the engine is cold. It should start immediately.
  • After you’ve started the bike, check the exhaust for excessive noise.
  • Have a look at the exhaust smoke, white, steam-like smoke is okay as long as it’s not in excessive amounts.
  • During your test drive, test out every function the bike has.
  • Listen out for unusual noises and don’t let the seller distract you.
  • The seller will usually suggest a route, but if it’s not long enough tell them. It’s okay to drive the bike hard, but don’t abuse it.

So, there’s our buying advice. Look out for a post on selling advice next week!

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